We are an Egyptian electrical company that can provide low
and medium voltage products. Our production facility has been certified under ISO9001, ISO14001, IS045001. many of products have passed the relevant certificates, such as LvT, KEMA, CESI, Suzhou Electrical apparatus science research Co., etc..

Energy has been an important part of human life for centuries. The main reason for this is that energy is used in all areas of life such as heating, cooling and transportation. Furthermore, energy is vital for the development of a country. Considering the above, it is not possible to give up energy consumption. Energy can be obtained from non-renewable sources such as oil, coal and natural gas. In addition, renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and geothermal are also considered as alternative sources in energy production. Therefore, countries aim to provide the energy they have to consume at the lowest possible cost. In order to achieve this goal, a significant majority of countries have energy poli- cies in order to provide sustainability in their economic growth.

Electrical energy has an important role in progress in both social and economic terms. It is considered as one of the important inputs of industrial production. In this context, it is thought that electricity generation plays a vital role in increasing the industrial volume. In addition to its contribution to industry, electrical energy is also very important in order to meet the daily needs of citizens. Taking these issues into consideration, electricity generation is expected to increase sustainable economic growth. Moreover, if the generated electricity cannot be used effectively in the country, it will not contribute to sustainable economic growth .

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